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Add ons and Supplies

Party Invites

We understand that planning a party can be expensive, not to mention that it can also be stressful. That is why we have plenty of party invites on-hand for you to choose from. You can print them off at home and it really has never been easier to plan the perfect party.

Party Games

We have plenty of non-elimination party games available and we always include prizes and giveaways as well. This makes it easier than ever for you to sit back and relax while we take care of it all. What else could you possibly want! Fun all round!

Party Music

We always make sure that we are fully up to date when it comes to the latest party music and we have plenty of tracks in store. Dont worry though! We always make sure that the music we play is suitable for the age group but that doesnt mean that we cut corners when it comes to fun and entertainment. We understand that music is often the key to a great party and that is why we have our very own PA system. This doesnt need to be plugged in so you dont need to worry about the electrics or anything else of the sort. This allows us to play music in the garden as well, so there really is no limit to our services!

Plates, Banners, Cups

We are also able to provide plates, banners, cups and so much more. We have a huge variety of designs to choose from and if you have your own design then this is not a problem for us at all. Why not contact us today to see what we have in store; wed love to hear from you!

Party Bags

We have party bags available for any theme you need. We understand that you want to keep the cost down when planning your party, and that is why when you buy party bags from us, you only pay for the ones you use so if some children dont turn up, you never need to worry about that!